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22 Apr 2018 » Dinner Theatre 2018
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My name is Wanda and I’ve lived with HIV and Hepatitis C for eighteen years now. It’s had its ups and downs, but I’m still surviving. Moe saved me from the cold. I’ve been sober and crack free for a long time now that I’ve let Jesus in. There’s no more worrying so much anymore. I love this house; my room is huge so it feels like a small apartment with two big windows. I love looking outside to take away any bad thoughts. I finally found serenity and when I need something I ask. Sometimes it takes a while, but I wait.


“I see God every time I am at House of Hesed.  Whether it is through residents helping one another or listening to each other’s care and concerns, or through my supervisor expressing genuine and deep gratitude for every little bit of help that comes her way.  Although I am sure there are tough times living in a community setting, the people at the house really seem to love one another without judgment.  They listen to each other’s stories and help one another out.  They are an example to me of Christ likeness, even if they don’t know it.”

Jaclyn Wynne, Salvation Army Cadet Interning at House of Hesed

“That Hebrew word “Hesed” has been translated into a variety of terms in the English language, as you well know; loving kindness, and mercy to name a few.  The entire history of God’s covenantal relationship with Israel can be summarized in terms of that word.  So, while covenant loyalty may seem like an odd expression, it consistently refers to action done out of a loving heart.  And that, for me, epitomizes the good work that YOU and the support STAFF do at “House of Hesed.”

Rev. Dr. Scott Bullerwell, Lead Pastor, Immanuel Pentecostal Church

The love and kindness that was showered upon me while I was a resident in part gave me back hope and without hope we have no purpose and without purpose we have no life.

Living at Hesed for 18 months has given me back things that I had lost many years ago. First of all my healing both physically and spiritually, I personally believe that without the support of this ministry my life would have been lost forever. Secondly, the ability to love again, I had lost that ability to love. Love God, myself, my family, and those close around me. Thanks to Hesed and that unconditional love that radiates there I was able to heal my broken spirit. Now I’m in love with God again, I have a closer bond with my family and I’m in a relationship, something I never thought would be possible again. But mostly I love myself.

So in closing I want you to remember that Hesed gives Hope, Hesed gives Agape love, Hesed gives Compassion but most importantly Hesed gives Life. Hesed gave me back the life that I had lost a long time ago.

A former resident