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Supporters of the House of Hesed


It would not be possible for the House of Hesed to continue without the support of regular donors. Many of them are people who support us regularly each month. For more information about donating click here. There are also some specific groups that have donated to Hesed this past year that we would like to recognize.

We have new carpet! The Winnipeg Foundation generously donated the finances for us to get new carpets installed in our entryway, stairs, med room and office! This is the first time the flooring has been changed since we moved to our current location over 10 years ago. We are so grateful for the brand new carpet. It makes our home so much brighter and welcoming to all of our Residents and guests.

A couple of groups from Ottatown Discipleship School came and painted one of our resident’s rooms for us! It is very important to us that a resident’s rooms look nice when they move in. Often the people who move in are exhausted from life and/or haven’t had a nice place to stay in a long time. We have had people cry because they are so overwhelmed by having a nice, clean, space of their own. Having a freshly painted room will be a great blessing for our next resident. We would like to extend a big “thank you” to all of the students who contributed to making a new resident feel at home.

*Outtatown Discipleship School is a program through Canadian Mennonite University in partnership with Manitoba Mission.

The ladies from Grant Memorial got together and collected mass quantities of paper products, pillows, and hygiene items for us! This is such an amazing blessing. As anyone who has their own family knows, these items add up and end up being quite the expense over the course of a year. When a few of the ladies came to drop off the items our dining room and back porch were full of napkins, toilet paper, paper towels and the like. The following week we were honoured by being able to have them come and visit us so we could give them a tour and tell them more about what we do here at Hesed.
We are also thankful for all the one-time donations that come in throughout the year. In the past few months, we've been blessed with many different donations including clothing, books, dvds, food, office supplies, and gift cards for groceries and house repairs. All of these items are a blessing to all the residents and staff at House of Hesed. We are so often blown away by the generosity and love that is sent our way.